Branded and Trademarked Products

Branded and Trademarked Products

Last updated December 18th, 2023


QH Clothing | Beauty ("QH") is committed to operating its business with integrity and in full compliance with all applicable laws and regulations governing the sale of branded and trademarked products. This policy outlines our dedication to maintaining ethical sourcing, ensuring authenticity, and fostering transparent communication with both brands and consumers.

Product Sourcing:

  • Authorized Dealers: QH exclusively sources branded and trademarked products from authorized dealers who have a direct relationship with the respective brands and possess the necessary licenses for distribution.
  • Transparency: QH maintains a readily available list of authorized dealers for each brand, accessible upon request by brands or regulatory authorities.
  • Documentation: QH retains all relevant documentation verifying authorization, including invoices, purchase orders, and supplier agreements, readily available for inspection by brands or authorities.

Compliance with Brand Guidelines:

  • Policies & Guidelines: QH diligently reviews and adheres to all brand-specific policies and guidelines regarding product pricing, descriptions, images, marketing materials, and website representations.
  • Prohibited Activities: QH strictly prohibits any activity that violates brand guidelines, including unauthorized discounts, misleading claims, or improper use of trademarks.
  • Brand Communication: QH maintains an open line of communication with brands, promptly addressing any concerns regarding product representation or potential policy violations.

Intellectual Property & Trademarks:

  • Trademarks & Licenses: QH acknowledges and respects the intellectual property rights of all brands, ensuring that all trademarks and logos are used only in accordance with applicable licenses and legal regulations.
  • Trademarks Disclaimer: QH clearly displays a disclaimer on its website and in marketing materials, stating that it is not affiliated with any brands and operates solely as a reseller.
  • Third-Party Platforms: QH complies with the intellectual property policies of any third-party platforms (e.g., Shopify) on which it operates, avoiding actions that infringe on trademarks or violate platform terms.

Consumer Transparency & Protection:

  • Product Origin: QH clearly discloses the brand and origin of all products on its website and packaging, ensuring consumers are informed about the source of their purchases.
  • Authenticity Guarantee: QH guarantees the authenticity of all branded and trademarked products sold through its channels, backed by its verification procedures and authorized dealer relationships.
  • Consumer Reporting: QH provides convenient avenues for consumers to report concerns about product authenticity or potential brand policy violations. This may include dedicated website forms, email addresses, or customer service phone lines.

Proactive Compliance & Review:

  • Internal Training: QH regularly trains its staff on this policy and relevant trademark laws, ensuring proper product handling, labeling, and marketing practices.
  • Policy Review & Updates: QH regularly reviews and updates this policy to reflect changes in laws, regulations, and brand policies. The updated policy will be readily available on the QH website.
  • External Audits: QH welcomes independent audits or inspections by brands or regulatory authorities to ensure its continued compliance with all legal and ethical standards.

Enforcement & Consequences:

  • Violation Investigations: QH promptly investigates any suspected violations of this policy, internal reporting, or consumer complaints.
  • Corrective Action: QH takes appropriate corrective action for any confirmed violations, which may include product removal, website content revisions, staff training, and potential termination of relationships with non-compliant suppliers.
  • Legal Responsibilities: QH acknowledges its legal responsibility for any trademark infringement or other violations resulting from its activities and will cooperate fully with any legal proceedings or investigation to ensure the issue is resolved efficiently.  

Contact Us:

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